World Trade Center (1973 – 2001)

In addition to my love of transportation, I also always have fond memories of the late lamented Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. For 28 years these two gleaming structures of glass and steel defined the Lower Manhattan skyline, beaming brightly in both the day and night as symbols of hope, economic stability, human innovation and our natural ingenuity.

Sadly the ‘Towers that would last a thousand years’ were abruptly torn from us by pure evil in one of the most sadistic attacks in world history, and today only two holes in the ground next to the new World Trade Center complex remind us of what was there originally. Though most images of the Twin Towers you’ll see today show their death, I prefer to remind us of the glorious 28 years of life these two iconic buildings lived, through rain, through sleet, through sun, through snow.

I dedicate this page to the victims of both the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, and the attacks of September 11th, 2001. We shall remember them.

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Sunset on the Skyline

wtc sun glow

Another quick drawing for a rainy Sunday afternoon in January, depicting a lovely summers eve against the radiant skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan.

Roll on into Dusk

Image (32)

It’s been a while since I did one of my Manhattan drawings, but here we are again in the Big Apple, as the sun sets behind the classic New York skyline at the end of another busy day.

Again, working MS Paint hard to create those hues in the sky, but I feel it came to the desired effect overall. 🙂

High Above it All

wtc down (1)

This was an interesting, if not cruelly ironic, one to create.

The inspiration for drawing this particular work came from when I was searching Wikipedia and encountered the theatrical poster are for the 1974 film The Towering Inferno. In that artwork there is a striking view down the stricken, fictitious skyscraper, a clear testament to the magnitude and scale of the film it promoted.

Thus, the idea came to me that I’d recreate this artwork appropriately for the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers (minus the smoke and flames). Instead of being an image of devastation I intended to create a work that showed the towers in their heyday, looming above the city streets hundreds of feet below.

Broadway is dark tonight

twins at the end of the street

I’ve never really done a truly festive scene in my artwork, so I decided to challenge myself to make one.

Here we look down West Broadway just north of Tribeca Park, with a gloomy sky and the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center forming the backdrop of this snowy scene on the streets of New York.

From out of the Mist

morning of the wtc

Here we have the beautiful Lower Manhattan skyline, smothered in the golden rays of the morning sun as another busy day begins.


night of the twins

Even in the dead of night, the Twin Towers continued to gleam brightly and reassuringly across the Tri-State area, two translucent structures that changed their colours with the times of the day.

Really had to work MS Paint hard to get these colours right, but I think it pulled through perfectly, dispelling the myth that such an old software is no longer useful.

Rising Sun

twin sunrise on the water

Another day breaks for the World Trade Center as the sun glistens magnificently from its shiny aluminium and steel facade, leaving smaller buildings in the shadows.

A Night on the Town


I’d been considering doing something like this for years. I did in fact do one of these as a sketch about 10 years ago, but since then my attempts at doing Lower Manhattan from this classic angle with the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground never seemed to satisfy me. However, last week I finally decided I’d hit this particular nail on the head, and this is the result.

Surprisingly, doing this particular work was very fun and quite therapeutic to do. Basically starting with a black outline of the city, I pretty much went from building to building to add the lights, then smudged them to give them a pleasing glow effect similar to that of an old picture rather than being too crisp. Then simply superimposing onto a pre-prepared late-evening sky and the result, to my mind, is better than I’d hoped for.


WTC with the sun

A little project I did over a couple of weeks but had to put on hold due to a holiday, depicts old-town New York City on a beautiful sunny morning, silhouetting the iconic skyline of a truly great city.

16 acre Ant Farm

Wtc above

Now this took a long, long, long time, having to get every individual piece of the World Trade Center and the surrounding city, together with people, cars, boats, even the tiniest pebble! But I feel it was worth the three-weeks of on/off effort!

One Summer Dream

WTC from statue

What this scene depicts is Lower Manhattan during a stage of high development during the mid-1980’s. Rubble and excavated dirt from the construction of the Twin Towers and surrounding World Trade Center complex was used to create reclaimed land onto which the World Financial Center was built, a complex of smaller office towers across the West Side Highway on some of the former dockyards of the Hudson shore.

The Ride into Town

WTC from subway

Another one of my conceptual NYC Subway images, here we have a view from the front of a J Train as it approaches the Williamsburg Bridge on its way across from Queens to Manhattan, the Lower Manhattan skyline topped by the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

A Day in the Life

wtc uber fin 1

Two months of researching, sketches, painting and finishing off to create this gigantic homage to the old World Trade Center. I have gone very much out of my way to make this image as factually accurate as possible. All 110 floors within each of the Twin Towers is accounted for, people mooching about on the Plaza and Observation Deck, even the tiniest pebble I have taken pride in putting in the right place. I personally feel this has been completely worth it, and am really quite satisfied with the result.

Memoirs of the World Trade Center

World Trade Center

I’d always wanted to do something like this, a true depiction of the late, lamented Twin Towers of the World Trade Center as I like to remember them, in their prime, filled with twinkling office lights while their Stainless Steel facades reflect in a translucent fashion the colours of the day.

Long way up


It’s surprising how tall those buildings actually were. Doing the reflections on this one was a challenge, but I think I got them just right.

Say you will, say you dare…

Dark tower

It had been a long time since I sat down and drew one of these, but after many hours with the paintbrush to make that sky and dabbling away with the water to give it that reflective tint.