The Cop

pig cop

Going under the working title of “The Pig Cop” (let’s see who gets that reference), the appearance of this policeman in the series is brief but profound as it truly gives Ebony and Siobhan their first vocally negative experience regarding their relationship.

One might wonder, especially in this day and age, how a police officer could be allowed to get away with verbally abusing a homosexual couple in the middle of the street in broad daylight?

Well, things weren’t always as lenient as they are nowadays.

Although homosexuality was legalised by the UK Parliament in 1967, attitudes towards same-sex relationships have only recently (within the past 10 years) actually become a largely accepted part of society. In the 1970’s and 80’s, if a same-sex couple was seen flirting or showing affection in public, a policeman would be perfectly within his rights to bash them over the head with his truncheon and accost them for doing so. If you were on the receiving end of the officer’s wrath, you were automatically in the wrong and any complaint to the powers that be would be filed under ‘violation of public decency’; therefore it was essentially the officer’s ‘duty’ to abuse you.

Bear in mind also that this is 1987; the very height of the AIDS scare. While the late 60’s and early 70’s had been seen as a time of liberation for all, the moment this new and devastating virus known as HIV and AIDS began to crop up in the 1980’s things quickly fell off a cliff. Due to members of the gay community failing to use protection, AIDS spread like wildfire through that group in particular and it was soon seen as the ‘Gay’ disease. While less prominent among Lesbians, they were still tarred with the same brush; hence Siobhan and Ebony’s incident.