The Cars of the Comic – Outsiders

If you know me personally (in fact, even if you don’t) you’ll know I absolutely adore cars from all eras. While I don’t love every single one of them, there are those which I feel are good enough to deserve a place in my various comic series.

So, without further ado, here’s a summary of the various automotive gems I’ve redrawn and placed into my comic series, either playing an important role in the plot, or just as background vehicles. Each one has a little description as to what it is, as well as the reason why such a car made it into the story.

For copyright reasons, many of the vehicles demonstrated on this page have minor differences between those which appear in the series and their real-life counterparts. As such, the vehicles within this series may not be factually accurate in all aspects.

1. 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser (J60)

girls in the truck

Owned by Siobhan Pattinson and her mother, the Toyota Land Cruiser I chose because one, I wanted some diversity among the motors that inhabit the island, and two, because it’s a very good SUV.

Toyota_Land_Cruiser_60_001In the early-1980’s, Toyota’s weren’t really sold here in the UK thanks largely to EU Import taxes on Japanese products, but some Land Cruisers did make it to Britain early on and, when you consider the reliability of these things compared to the indigenous competition, you can see why someone like Siobhan would go for it. At the time you had the choice of either the humdrum Land Rover Defender, which was as basic as a corrugated iron shed, and the Range Rover, which, even for the base models, was hideously expensive, so a Toyota would seem like the most logical solution.