Review: Douglas DC-8

The first jet airliner from the legendary Douglas Company, and one that would become a staple of many major airlines, the DC-8 was the embodiment of sleek design, incredible performance, and was, at the time, one of those prime pinnacles of early jet air travel; helping to make the world a smaller place. However, we … More Review: Douglas DC-8

Review: Boeing 737-900

Built to do battle with the Airbus A321, the 737-900 is the longest 737 ever created and was the final model for the company’s 737 Next Generation Range of the 1990’s. However, despite all this effort, the ambiguous -900 was, at first, a sales calamity, thanks in no small part to some questionable engineering choices … More Review: Boeing 737-900

Review: Boeing 737-800

Among the most popular aircraft in Boeing’s range, the 737-800 is the driving force behind hundreds of major airlines, and has truly found itself a niche among the low-cost carriers of Europe and the United States. The 737-800 is the second member of Boeing’s Next Generation 737 family, designed to be a stretched version of … More Review: Boeing 737-800

Review: Boeing 737-500

Among the smallest members of the Boeing 737 family ever built, the 737-500 was designed specifically to replace the ageing fleet of 737-200’s that had dated back to the late 1960’s; though, in essence, it was essentially the same aircraft. Considerations for the -500 series dates back to around 1987, when a tender was made … More Review: Boeing 737-500