The MGB: The Quintessential British Sports Car

Today’s car came from humble origins, but ended up being a machine that simply refused to die. Through fuel crises, strikes and corporate bungling, this plucky sports car was twisted and contorted from a classical design of the late 1950’s to a road-going incarnation of Frankenstein’s Monster. But despite all their efforts, the mighty ‘B’ … More The MGB: The Quintessential British Sports Car

The Luxury that Paid the Price – Maybach 57 & 62

What can you say about the mighty Maybachs? Were they an underappreciated work of genius that gave the Rolls-Royce Phantom a run for its money, or a misguided venture that failed to understand what truly attracts people to modern luxury cars? Regardless, despite their size, their features, their comfort and their price, the Maybach 57 … More The Luxury that Paid the Price – Maybach 57 & 62

Review: Douglas DC-8

The first jet airliner from the legendary Douglas Company, and one that would become a staple of many major airlines, the DC-8 was the embodiment of sleek design, incredible performance, and was, at the time, one of those prime pinnacles of early jet air travel; helping to make the world a smaller place. However, we … More Review: Douglas DC-8

Review: Boeing 737-900

Built to do battle with the Airbus A321, the 737-900 is the longest 737 ever created and was the final model for the company’s 737 Next Generation Range of the 1990’s. However, despite all this effort, the ambiguous -900 was, at first, a sales calamity, thanks in no small part to some questionable engineering choices … More Review: Boeing 737-900

Reliant Regal/Robin/Rialto – Tamworth’s Three-Wheeled Trio

I used to hate these things with a fervent passion. Not one to jump on the bandwagon of hating a car because Jeremy Clarkson hates it, my reasons for despising the little Robin and its cretinous relatives was more down to the practical limitations and endemic design flaws of this odd little vehicle. However, as … More Reliant Regal/Robin/Rialto – Tamworth’s Three-Wheeled Trio

Review: Boeing 737-800

Among the most popular aircraft in Boeing’s range, the 737-800 is the driving force behind hundreds of major airlines, and has truly found itself a niche among the low-cost carriers of Europe and the United States. The 737-800 is the second member of Boeing’s Next Generation 737 family, designed to be a stretched version of … More Review: Boeing 737-800