Review: Douglas DC-8

The first jet airliner from the legendary Douglas Company, and one that would become a staple of many major airlines, the DC-8 was the embodiment of sleek design, incredible performance, and was, at the time, one of those prime pinnacles of early jet air travel; helping to make the world a smaller place. However, we … More Review: Douglas DC-8

Review: Boeing 737-900

Built to do battle with the Airbus A321, the 737-900 is the longest 737 ever created and was the final model for the company’s 737 Next Generation Range of the 1990’s. However, despite all this effort, the ambiguous -900 was, at first, a sales calamity, thanks in no small part to some questionable engineering choices … More Review: Boeing 737-900

Review: Boeing 737-500

Among the smallest members of the Boeing 737 family ever built, the 737-500 was designed specifically to replace the ageing fleet of 737-200’s that had dated back to the late 1960’s; though, in essence, it was essentially the same aircraft. Considerations for the -500 series dates back to around 1987, when a tender was made … More Review: Boeing 737-500

Review: Boeing 737-400

While the first generation 737-300 was a huge success, building on the already popular range of Boeing domestic aircraft, the company was still interested in expanding its portfolio with longer range, increased capacity, reduced noise and improved fuel efficiency. Enter the 737-400, which is considered by many to be the cream of the 737 Classic … More Review: Boeing 737-400

Review: Boeing 737-100

Boeing’s unexpected hit which changed the face of domestic air travel forever, and even today still sees its descendants being produced 50 years after the first ones entered service. When this little airliner jetted off into the sky, one could not imagine that it would become an absolute icon of aerial technology; all wrapped up … More Review: Boeing 737-100