Siobhan Pattinson

shiv at the uniName: Siobhan MacBrae Pattinson

Date of Birth: June 12th, 1967

Hometown: Aviemore, Badenoch & Strathspey, Scotland

Height: 5ft 11in

While good natured and amiable on the outside, Siobhan Pattinson has come a long way to be the girl she is today. Following her father’s extramarital affair and subsequent divorce from her mother, Renee, Siobhan’s emotional state and mental health has been pushed to the very edge, exacerbated by her fear of social rejection due to her bisexuality. As such, she feels an overriding sense of guilt and her confidence is easily rumbled.

While much of what had dragged Siobhan to the edge of her sanity was cured thanks to her partner Ebony Larsson and good friends Maddie and Andy, she is still a girl riddled with self-doubt and worry, fearing her future success may be hindered at a moment’s notice by her sexuality and the prejudices against it.

Siobhan Pattinson, as demonstrated in the two previous Maddie series, is the embodiment of my own teenage anxieties. Though a chirpy person and can often bring warmth and kindness to even the darkest of situations, there is an overriding and pervasive fear of what society at large expects of her; both in terms of her gender and her sexuality.

I go into much more detail as to the reasoning behind Siobhan and the development behind her character in her Profile for the Maddie series, but as the Outsiders series progresses her character develops slowly and surely from the timid teen she started out as in Maddie on the Island Hue into a stronger person who is able to handle both herself and those around her; even in times of serious crisis.

I wouldn’t go so far to say that Siobhan is a mental case because she’s not, it’s more a deep seated unease at the world around her and bitterness at what has happened in her life. As such, her emotions can easily be flipped; going from happy and confident to either screaming with rage or crying her eyes out at a moment’s notice.

To give a skimming on what makes Siobhan’s character who she is, the most pivotal part of her life is the divorce of her parents and ensuing emotional upheaval. Any confidence she had before was destroyed and she was left to wander the earth as a broken girl filled with uncertainty and doubt at both herself and everyone else.

This wasn’t helped by her eventual realisation that she was bisexual, therefore adding to her the pressures of being perceived as some kind of freak by society at large. While someone with more mental and emotional stability would take such a revelation in their stride, Siobhan, even after much talking to, carries it as if it were some kind of curse. Though slightly more open than she was, she finds it difficult to discuss and considers it the millstone around her neck that will never be removed.

It is only through the love and assistance of her friends and her partner, Ebony Larsson, that Siobhan has been able to become less reclusive and gradually find the confidence to open up to those around her. While the clouds of social exclusion and the stigma surrounding what society expects of her continue to rial up a storm inside her mind, she’s come a long way from the girl we were introduced to; which is why she’s been both a pleasure to create and has come through as my favourite character of the series. 🙂