Rolls Royce Silver Wraith II

A short revival of the Silver Wraith name, being placed on a variant of the Silver Shadow.

Conception behind this odd little offspring went back to the desire of a long-wheelbase Silver Shadow for the US Market. Initially, the long-wheelbase model didn’t have a separate name, but in 1976, with the introduction of the Silver Shadow II, the longer car was dubbed the Silver Wraith II.

The Wraith II is identified by all of alterations found on the Silver Shadow II and additionally an Everflex-covered roof (also available as an option on the Silver Shadow II), a smaller rear opera-style window (some customers deleted the smaller back window: for example Joe Bamford of JCB) and different wheel covers. Some Silver

The Silver Wraith II can be distinguished from Silver Shadow II’s by its smaller, Opera-style window, a trait carried over from American limousines of the time.

Wraith IIs were also fitted with electric divisions which took up the extra four inches of leg room in the rear. Vehicles fitted with the division are now considered highly desirable.

In all 2,135 of these cars were built during its 5 year lifespan, a majority of which were exported to the United States. Some however have been destroyed much like their Shadow brethren in movies, the most notable one being Caddyshack II, where a villain attempts to plant a bomb in one of the character’s Rolls Royce Silver Wraith II, but finds two identical cars parked next to each other, resulting in him accidentally blowing up the wrong car!