Railway Artwork

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One Track Mind


In terms of transport, I have a real soft spot for monorails. While their presence in modern cities is usually as a tourist attraction rather than a primary mode of mass-transit, their unusual nature and design makes them a highlight of any city which is lucky enough to host one.

The line depicted here, if the presence of the Space Needle doesn’t make it apparent, is the Seattle Center Monorail. The Seattle monorail is one of the only monorail systems in the United States and is probably the shortest; clocking in at a route length of only 0.96 miles with two stations.

The style I was going for here was a pseudo promotional artwork, harking back to the days of old railway advertisements where the train would be conveniently positioned against the backdrop of a famous landmark or scene.

The Path to the PATH

path train

The PATH train, the fastest way to get from Manhattan to New Jersey and back. Certainly a lot better than rotting for the rest of eternity in a traffic jam at the Holland Tunnel!

I was meant to go to a barbecue this evening, but the usual UK weather once again nipped that idea in the bud. So instead I chose to draw up this image of a PA1 train on the Port Authority Trans Hudson line, better known as the PATH.

Home for Christmas

cromwell curve

An interesting request by my Mum, who wanted me to draw one of my steam engine drawings in the snow, so here we are. 🙂

This is British Railways Standard Class 7, 70008 ‘Black Prince’, seen climbing over the Settle and Carlisle route near Garsdale in frigid conditions.

Midland Intruder

class 45 dawlish

On a crisp summer’s eve, a Class 45 diesel heads a cross-country service south past Horse Cove between Dawlish and Teignmouth on a section of the magnificent Sea Wall, an eternal testament to Victorian engineering.

Class 45’s were regular performers on the South Devon Mainline to Plymouth and Penzance, working cross-country express trains from Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. The Peaks, however, were specifically built for the Midland Region, working top-line expresses out of London St. Pancras to Sheffield, Nottingham and Derby, which made their appearance on the Western Region an interesting difference.

These locomotives worked this task until replaced by Class 47’s and HST’s in around 1988.

Flight of the HST

Flight of the HST

Seen racing across the English countryside is this InterCity Swallow liveried Class 43 High Speed Train.

This drawing is based on a beautiful photograph taken by Martin Loader which can be found at the following address: http://www.hondawanderer.com/43004_South_Stoke_…

Snow Angel

austerity snow

Another request by my Mum, this time she wanted the addition of a Christmas tree somewhere within the frame, so I created this rather interesting little setup of a WD Austerity 2-10-0 leading a passenger train through the snow as a family watches from their garden in the company of a small Christmas Tree.

Where’s the power coming from to power those Christmas lights? We’ll put it down to some kind of Christmas miracle. 🙂

Regional Run-in

regiona 47 arrives

While one Class 47 did wear the Regional Railways colours during the late 1980’s and early 90’s (47475), this fictional variant of the livery is based more off of the InterCity Swallow livery that these engines regularly wore.

Seen pulling into the highland terminus of Inverness is this Regional Railways Class 47 after working a semi-fast service from Edinburgh.

Sleeping Cars

89 in the gorge

Whisking its way down the West Coast Mainline through the magnificent Lune Gorge is unique prototype Class 89, 89001, seen at the head of a sleeping car train from Scotland towards London. During its short life in revenue earning service, 89001 never regularly saw action on sleeper trains, and was a rare visitor on the West Coast Mainline following its initial test phase.

Across the Border (redone)


I have actually done an image of an InterCity HST crossing the Royal Border Bridge at Berwick before, but I wasn’t particularly proud of it, largely because the evening sun was coming from the wrong side of the sky, and the HST front design looked nothing like a HST!

So here we have it again, Across the Border revisted and reworked to look like how I’d wanted it to.

My purpose fulfilled…

124 york

Quite an early piece after my creative block of 2011 to 2013, I first drew this one as a simple sketch in about April 2013, but eventually finished it off in September when taking a break from writing my comic. Here we see a British Rail Class 124 at York during a warm summers evening.

The Silver that faded to grey…

A4 Chuff

A small tribute piece to the beautiful and elegant LNER A4 Pacifics, arguably the most iconic steam locomotive design of all time. This was drawn up over two weeks in summer 2014 just before I went to University to do my Masters course.

It’s strange, it’s yellow, it’s in my back garden!

Yellow 37 Going for a mixture of rural and urban, I chose North Wales as the location for this piece, as we see a Network Rail Class 97 (converted Class 37) round the curve from Deganwy into Llandudno Junction.

In fields of Barley

Eurostar 1

Yep, the title is based on that song by Sting! But this was another fun little piece to do, showing a Class 373 Eurostar on what was once the ‘Classic’ route from London Waterloo to the Channel Tunnel via the regular railway network before the construction of High Speed One in 2007. In fact, I once did this journey, and remember it being achingly slow!

Keep the coal runnin’…

76s of wood

Yet another title based off a song, this time ‘Keep the car running’ by the Goo Goo Dolls! A homage to the late lamented Woodhead Route, as we see two Class 76 EM1 locomotives hauling a heavy coal train into the famous Woodhead Tunnel during the line’s final years.

Deemed as warfare…

Tanger chuff

Now this was tricky, but a satisfying outcome after three weeks of on-off work. Seen climbing the devastating incline that was the 1 in 41 gradient Mortehoe Summit is Southern Railway Bullied Pacific, 34067 ‘Tangmere’, working an afternoon summer train from London Waterloo to Ilfracombe, the service being banked by a unidentified South Eastern & Chatham Railway N Class.

Follow the PATH


This one is mainly an experiment in colour blending, as demonstrated on the marble floors, walls and ceiling to varying degrees of success. But here we have the former PATH (Port Authority Trans Hudson line) station that once stood beneath the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, one of the biggest train stations in New York and one of the most innovative, sadly now locked in a time we can never revisit.

The Chief

HST Aviemore

Another little inspiration from my trip to Rum, the sight of a classic HST on the Highland Mainline between Perth and Inverness is another one of those Machine-meets-Nature moments. Here an Executive liveried HST is seen arriving at Aviemore with the Highland Chieftain, one of the longest passenger trains in the United Kingdom that travels from Inverness to London King’s Cross via the Highland Mainline and the East Coast Mainline.

Southern in the sun…

Brauner bob

Silhouettes have always been great fun to do. A simplistic style but with some powerful effects. Here we see preserved rebuilt Southern Railway West Country Pacific number 34046 ‘Braunton’ working the ‘Cathedrals Express’ through Leamington Spa heading back to London Paddington from the historic Stratford-on-Avon.

Run forever

HST kings

A lot of busy work on this one, especially regarding the roof and its various support aspects, but it truly did come out better than I’d expected. Seen taking a rest from their respective duties, a pair of InterCity 125’s, at the buffers of the mighty King’s Cross Station in London, perhaps one of the most beautiful stations in Europe, and a terminus that managed to weather the storm of neglect under British Rail much better than many of its fellow London stations.

Sunrise on Shap


Funnily enough, this one was requested by an employee for Virgin Trains who wanted some artwork to display in the waiting room at Lancaster station. However, I feel he didn’t take it up eventually, but the resulting work was still worth the effort! This scene depicts an early winters morning at Greenholme, as one of Virgin Train’s Class 390 Pendolino units is seen tilting for the curve as it careens up Shap with a train from London Euston to Glasgow Central.

Given the Brush off

47 line up

Drawn as a tribute piece in August 2012 to signify the 10th anniversary of the last locomotive-hauled services on the Cross-Country network following the introduction of Class 220 and 221 Voyagers by Virgin Trains. On the very last day (August 19th, 2002), EWS organised a gathering of the 6 remaining Class 47/8’s in service at Toton TMD near Long Eaton, where these engines were lined up and displayed on the main depot complex.

Last of the class, on the last day…

Corination chuff

A somewhat moody piece, but for a particularly moody day as on a soggy afternoon in September 1964, the last of William Stanier’s mighty 4-6-2 Pacific class locomotives finally met its end. The final London Midland and Scottish Railway Coronation Pacific in British Rail service number 46256 ‘Sir William A. Stanier F.R.S’, named after it’s designer, took charge of the ‘Scottish Lowlander’ railtour for the run from Carlisle to Crewe. It was there that, much to the surprise of many, the locomotive was removed from the train and immediately withdrawn from service, never to run again.

Night Commute

Networker 465

Another older piece, dating back to about Christmas 2013. At this point I had wanted to depict a scene at one of London’s many magnificent train stations, and, ushered on by the request of a friend on Flickr, I eventually produced this. This scene depicts the evening Rush Hour at London Victoria station, where a Southeastern Class 465 prepares to depart for Gillingham.

Waverley Wave-Off

HST eddie

This was a bit of a difficult one, but I think I got the reflections down. Here we have another InterCity 125 departing Edinburgh Waverley heading south with an evening express to London King’s Cross, a journey time of about 4 hours.

The Lonely Crossing

153 Tanterton

You will not believe how long it took me to perfect those reflections! I went through 3 out of 6 of my Goo Goo Dolls albums! But either way I think they’re the main part of this piece, which depicts a quintessentially rustic Devonshire scene at Tamerton Viaduct on River Tamar, as a Regional Railways Class 153 diesel railcar is seen rumbling across on a cold winter morning with a service from Plymouth to Gunnislake along what was once the London and South Western Railway Mainline from Exeter to Plymouth via Crediton, Okehampton and Tavistock.

The Travelling Show

Forth for fifth

This scene demonstrates one of those mighty landmarks, as in the 1980’s, an Inter-City Executive liveried Class 43 and it’s High Speed Train set can be seen ambling across the spectacular Forth Railway Bridge, completed in 1890, running parallel to the Forth Road Bridge of 1964, as it makes its way south towards the capitals of Scotland and England.

Echoes of the ‘E’

E train

Seen screeching into one of New York’s many subway stations is an R46 Subway Unit operating the E-Train from World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan to Jamaica Center – Parsons / Archer way out in Queens.

Early Bird


Drawn while I was on a real conceptual drive, we see an InterCity liveried Class 373 Eurostar set, seen operating into Oxenholme station with an early morning service to London Euston as a single passenger prepares to board for his lengthy journey south.

The Narrowest Margins

lonley pendo

This scene depicts the Lune Gorge in Cumbria, where both the M6 Motorway and the West Coast Mainline are compacted into the narrow valley together with the River Lune that meanders its way down towards the sea near Lancaster. In this early morning scene, we see a Virgin Trains Class 390 Pendolino winding its way down the valley at speed with a southbound express for London Euston from Glasgow Central.

Winter of Discontent

APT Tilter

It had been nearly 2 years since I put pen to paper and drew one of the ill-fated Class 370 Advanced Passenger Train units, but here’s what is very much a conceptual work, showing what may have been if British Rail had been granted that extra couple of million to finish their development. Here, an InterCity Swallow liveried Class 371 APT-S set is seen winding through the snow covered valleys of the Lune Gorge in Cumbria with a high speed tilting service to London Euston.