Maddie on the Island Hue

All four volumes to my original series, Maddie on the Island Hue (created between 2013 and 2015).

Maddie on the Island Hue – Volume 1

Mad beginThe first volume of our story, as Maddie Grey makes her arrival on the remote Scottish island of Hue. Though off to a bit of a rough start, she is soon introduced to the island’s small but friendly population. It becomes quickly apparent however that not all is what it seems among the humble group, as problems make themselves apparent, and Maddie takes it upon herself to remedy them one by one.

Maddie on the Island Hue – Volume 2

mad_2_begin_by_maddie_maze-dageqbmWelcome to Volume 2, as the story revolving around Maddie continues into another day!

After meeting with the island’s younger residents, Maddie hits it off well, but finds that there are issues that cloud what is otherwise a peaceful little island; most notably a deep-rooted and emotional rivalry between Siobhan and Ebony. Seeing how this is causing Siobhan emotional distress, Maddie decides that an Ice-breaker in the form of a Sleepover would be the best route, bringing the two of them together to try and help them appreciate one another.

Maddie on the Island Hue – Volume 3


Now we come to Volume 3, and this is by far the darkest chapter of the whole story.

After her various adventures with Ebony on her Quad-bike, Maddie is struck down by an illness and is confined to her bedroom. Though unable to go far her spirits are not dampened, especially after visits from her friends Andy, Ebony and Siobhan. However, the emotional situation between Siobhan and Ebony remains tense, culminating in an angry confrontation at Maddie’s house. With this, Maddie is more determined than ever to help mend the gap between the two of them before the pain can continue further.

Maddie on the Island Hue – Volume 4

Mad 4 begin

And thus we come to the final volume of Maddie on the Island Hue, where Maddie will once again find herself tested in more ways than one, this time burrowing to the very depths of her soul as she finds herself romantically involved for the very first time.

A new water pump is being delivered to Maddie’s house, which removes the need for her having to shower in the garden. However, in order to fit the pump, Maddie’s floor has to be taken up and therefore she must be temporarily evicted. Feeling she can trust being alone with him, Maddie decides to stay with Andy, but very quickly she is confronted by several dark pieces of his shattered childhood. Through a tragic history of loss and abandonment, Andy shows that behind his otherwise confident and kind facade, he is a desperately lonely man.

As the pair spend more time with each other though, it becomes clear that Maddie herself finds her own feelings towards Andy are now becoming much more than that of just friends, and after a sudden romantic encounter the pair find themselves unable to understand what sentiments they truly have for each other inside. Is it simply their animal nature wanting them to be together, or have the pair really found true love?