Maddie in America

My second series following Maddie on the Island Hue; Maddie in America takes our characters from their quiet Scottish Isle to the hustle and bustle of some of America’s busiest cities.

Maddie in America – Volume 1


It’s Maddie’s 18th birthday, and to celebrate, her parents have allowed her the opportunity for both her and her new found love Andy to travel anywhere they want on an all expenses paid trip. After a bit of consideration, the duo decide that the USA will be their destination, but feel that a great way to add to their trip would be to invite their best friends and same-sex lovers Ebony and Siobhan.

Very soon the group is on their way, travelling the length of the UK from the north of Scotland to the capital of London by first class train travel. However, it quickly becomes apparent that the acceptance and open-minded nature of the island folk is not replicated by the rest of the world, with Ebony and Siobhan becoming victims of the homophobia rampant in modern society. Will this put a damper on our friend’s adventures, or must they once again hide their true selves to be socially accepted?

Maddie in America – Volume 2


After a supersonic dash across the Atlantic, Maddie, Andy, Siobhan and Ebony have now touched down in New York City, and are immediately overwhelmed by the many spectacular things this vibrant city has to offer, ranging from giant parks, wide open streets, rumbling subways, lavish department stores and skyscrapers that reach to the Heavens.

Staying at the Vista Hotel at the foot of the mighty World Trade Center, the four step out into the ‘City that Never Sleeps’, ready to have a taste of everything this cultural conurbation has to offer!



Maddie in America – Volume 3

mad-v23-begin-3As their second day dawns, Maddie and her friends are still in the bustling city of New York. Though a sudden cold front has forced them to stay indoors, our group remains undaunted as they head for one of the city’s lavish and beautiful department stores, an experience that Maddie and Siobhan immediately relish.

That night however, Maddie has organised her group a dinner at New York’s #1 restaurant, to give her friends a taste of her style of living and to treat them to an evening they’ll never forget.




Maddie in America – Volume 4


After witnessing the thrills of New York City, Maddie and her friends are soon jetting off to the sunny shores of California. After crossing the entire U.S. continent, the group arrives in San Francisco, taking up residence in a luxury hotel on the Pacific coastline south of the city.

After spending the first day at the beach, the troop decide on the second day to visit the diverse and highly cultural City by the Bay, but Ebony and Siobhan’s continued repression of their romantic relationship is starting to strain the bond of their love.



Maddie in America – Volume 5

mad v25 begin 5

After their day in San Francisco, the mood is frosty between Siobhan and Ebony as their fear of homophobia and restraint on their love continues to put a strain on their relationship. Seeing this, Maddie and Andy treat the pair to a day filled with hands-on activities in an attempt to keep their minds off their worries.

That evening, after an exhaustive day of fun along the California coastline, Maddie and Andy consummate their relationship by making love for the first time, but has this romantic encounter hindered all of what they’d done the previous day to mend Siobhan and Ebony’s deteriorating attachment?


Maddie in America – Volume 6


mad v26 beginThe final volume of the Maddie in America series, where the continuing strain on the same-sex romance of Siobhan and Ebony is finally brought to a frightening head.

After a fun-filled day out, Maddie and Andy have consummated their love for the first time. However, while this has strengthened their adoration for each other, it has only increased a seething jealously inside Siobhan, who desperately wants to love Ebony in the same way but continues to be troubled by the constant fear of homophobia.

The situation is brought to a tense climax when she encounters a friendly but outspoken lesbian named Yvonne at the hotel bar, firing up her repressed, lustful feelings inside and putting her relationship with an increasingly suspicious Ebony in serious doubt.