Maddie in America – Volume 5


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After their day in San Francisco, the mood is frosty between Siobhan and Ebony as their fear of homophobia and restraint on their love continues to put a strain on their relationship. Seeing this, Maddie and Andy treat the pair to a day filled with hands-on activities in an attempt to keep their minds off their worries.

That evening, after an exhaustive day of fun along the California coastline, Maddie and Andy consummate their relationship by making love for the first time, but has this romantic encounter hindered all of what they’d done the previous day to mend Siobhan and Ebony’s deteriorating attachment?

As you can imagine, I’ve been somewhat anticipating making Volume 5 for quite a while now because I feel that what’s illustrated within is something of a tonal shift to what the story has been so far through both this and Maddie on the Island Hue.

Now, allow me to address the elephant in this particular room, which comes in for the last 3rd of the story, that is the sex scene between Maddie and Andy. You may think I have completely jumped the shark when it comes to writing a comic, simply gone “Okay, thanks guys, I’m going for broke because I have no more ideas”, like most comics that devolve into rampant horny fan fiction.

mad v25 p (7)Nope, I haven’t run out of ideas and, in fact, I owe the concept of this tender little tryst between Maddie and Andy largely to my cousin (don’t take that out of context!).

She pointed out to me about two years ago that when it comes to doing a teen/adult themed comic, especially a romantic one, that as the story (and, by extension, the couple’s love) progresses, various moments in their love lives should be examined, starting with their first meeting, to the development of their feelings towards each other, to their confession of love, cuddling, kissing, and then, when both feel they’re confident enough to make these kinds of commitment, sex and possibly marriage (depending on your preference). Her words I found very interesting, and so I decided to add in towards the latter half of this story this romantic little get-together for the both of them.

The most difficult part was how to depict it. I was faced with a bit of a dilemma; either have the sex implied and brushed over in two pages, which, seeing as this scene is rather pertinent to the story, I felt was lacking any real development or satisfaction (not that kind of satisfaction, thank you); or have a sex scene that really is a descent into pornography, full details, no holds barred, no standards upheld, basically a retelling of Caligula. Well, while I’m all for passionate love and sex scenes in films, I really, really don’t want to be shown every single detail. Seeing two people have sex is surprisingly not that stimulating for me, if anything it looks very stupid two people jiggling around on top of each other. Sexual situations on the other hand are much better, giving the love-mad v25 p (16)making a bit of background; how the characters got there, where they are, time taken for them to talk to each other and ready themselves for such a commitment, especially since this is Maddie and Andy’s first time. I wanted to examine these two teens making their first go at it, and also how these otherwise calm and civilised characters, partly, let themselves go, getting a bit wild and ‘rough’ while at it.

Hey, every situation is unique, and this is my take on what a perfect sex scene should be like; a mixture of erotic situations, but in good taste. I’m not making porn, I’m telling a romantic story. 🙂

The funniest thing, however, is the reaction of people on Deviantart whenever I add a few more mature themes to my series. For example, when Ebony flashed her boobs in the previous volume, people sent me snotty emails about how uncivilised I was and how much of a degenerate I was for drawing such vulgar and vile things. A quick trip to their accounts though, and I find that their galleries and their favourites are full to the brim with naked women, women tied down with rope, women strapped to rockets, women with rockin’ great big knockers so large that they posses their own gravitational pull (in more ways than one!), women being sexually assaulted by their anthropomorphic dog, women in nappies, women wetting themselves, stuff that’s far, far worse than anything I’d even dream to consider (it’s almost as if these people were British; sexually repressed and repulsed by the concept of love-making (err… procreation of the human species guys, or do you think we were dropped off by the bloody Stork?!), but with no end of secret penchants and fetishes lurking in our calculating minds!).

Hypocrisy, and misogyny, thy name is the Deviantart user!

Anyway, aside from the lovey-dovey bit in the second half, the rest of this story was quite good fun to create as well. The golf scene was a real laugh. As you can probably imagine, I can’t play golf for beans, but, much like everyone else, I do love satirising it. The times I’ve pulled an Ebony and written off a club by smacking it into the ground are beyond numbers, and the rest of the time I’ve torn so many divots into the ground the fairway ends up looking like the Somme! But we all moved on to a nice massage afterwards, with a Sauna to follow, which, through experience, truly is absolute bliss!

mad v25 p (22)The Butterfly Sanctuary scene was based on a holiday to Canada I did in 2006. When visiting Niagara Falls we happened to stop by the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory and my Mum was interested to have a look. There truly were some wonderful looking examples inside, ranging from all sizes and with wings beautifully patterned. You couldn’t believe such colours and shapes were created by nature rather than an artist’s brush.

Favourite of all though was the gun range. This goes back to when I was in school and a friend of mine invited me to a local adventure park. After riding around on quad-bikes and getting muddy in a freezing lake, we ended up doing some Clay Pigeon shooting. Interested, I decided to give it a go myself even though the other classmates he’d invited thought I’d fail it completely, seeing as I was rather weedy in my youth. My friend was a crack-shot himself and wouldn’t let us forget it. But, sure enough, I was pretty darn good as well, so good in fact that when we got to the last shot we were neck-and-neck! Eventually, seeing as it was his birthday, I decided to deliberately miss the last shot and let him win, pretending I’d just screwed up. It was an amazing day though, and a real adrenaline rush. Yes, firearms are hateful but they can be incredibly good fun when used responsibly and in a controlled environment. I’ve fired all kinds of weapons since then, from shotguns to assault rifles to sidearms, and there’s a real kick when pulling the trigger (not to sound like some kind of psychopath!).

Either way, this scene was all kinds of fun to draw and write, a little bit of Girl Power too, just to show that even the diminutive Maddie can hold her own against Andy the Stallion! 😀

The cover art also went through several retellings. Originally I had considered doing the California coast with towering cliffs, splashing waves, tiny coves and thick woodland. However, once I’d drawn this artwork I wasn’t completely satisfied with it, due largely to the fact that it’s a touch hard to get a coastline into a portrait orientated frame without taking away from the grand scale the image is trying to convey. Eventually I redrew the cover art to its current image, a simple but effective little shot of the golf flag in its hole at half mast against a misty sunset.