Ebony Larsson

Name: Ebony Alfhild Larssoneb writes

Date of Birth: March 4th, 1966

Hometown: Isle of Hue, Scottish Outer Hebrides

Height: 5ft 7in

Only having left the Isle of Hue once before 1986, Ebony Larsson is very much the island’s permanent resident. Though she holds a humble position in life as a sheep farmer, her family line, which stretches back over 1,000 years, was once one of high adventure as Vikings raiding the North Sea coasts for treasure and conquest. Ebony’s drive in life is to go beyond the boundaries of her island home and become what she’s always dreamed, a commercial pilot, her desires being fuelled by the sight of commercial flights passing over her tiny home on their way from Europe to America.

A Lesbian, Ebony has never allowed this part of her hinder her progress, and her strength of mind and character have helped her become an emotional rock for her uneasy girlfriend Siobhan Pattinson. After much adversity, the two were finally able to iron out the mental barriers blocking their affection for one another thanks to the help of their friend Maddie, and the two girls are now united in love eternal.

Much like Siobhan, I go into more detail as to Ebony’s character development, both in terms of personality and design, in her Profile for the Maddie series. However, there is a lot to Ebony than one may be led to believe, particularly due to her strength as a character and an emotional anchor for Siobhan.

The most important thing I wanted to avoid regarding Ebony was her being allotted into the stereotypical Lesbian trope; fat, tattooed, drinks, smokes, swears and is incredibly violent. At the same time I wanted to avoid her being some sort of personality deprived sex pot who just wants to make out whenever and wherever possible. While that latter point does come into play in some instances, and, as the series progresses, in a big and pivotal way, it’s not done just to provide fleeting and unnecessary moments of titillation or fan-service throughout the story.

Essentially, Ebony is based on a lesbian friend I knew when I used to do fencing during my undergrad years. Physically, she was very similar to Ebony in that she was petit in stature but incredibly strong, while also sporting short-hair (which becomes prominent for Ebony beyond Part 2). She was also an incredibly bubbly person, constantly jumping around, having a laugh and frequently giving me a playful, though painful, dead-arm!

Overall, she was a ton of fun to know and basically demonstrated my idea of a perfect lesbian character; comparatively masculine but still possessing some feminine qualities.

As for Ebony’s character, she is driven, strong-willed and determined not to let her sexuality be a barrier between herself and success. At the same time her strength as a person is always useful when dealing with her emotionally fragile girlfriend; Siobhan. Ebony’s way of understanding and relating to others, despite her largely isolated upbringing, means she can introduce the appropriate mix of support when need be. When Siobhan gets a little too out of hand she can be demonstrably firm, but can also be very tender and sensitive when Siobhan finds things are getting too much for her.

Perhaps Ebony’s main flaw is that she can be sometimes too impulsive, landing her and Siobhan in situations that often get them into trouble. This links back to her wanting to kiss and cuddle Siobhan at inappropriate times, demonstrated throughout the series and eventually leading to some of the more climactic and defining moments of their lives.

However, Ebony’s strength of mind and understanding of others is her defining trait, willing to forgo many things to reach her goals but grounded enough to know when issues of personality and emotion matter. Her reasoning and logic, as well as her isolated upbringing away from the rest of society on the Isle of Hue, give her a unique view on the world at large; essentially an outsider looking in.