Daimler Empress


Flagship of the Daimler Company, the Daimler Regency was built between 1951 and 1956, and intended to become a true rival to Rolls Royce, but would end up being one of their biggest failures.

Daimler DB18 Empress

The original Regency made its debut on the 26th September, 1951 at the Paris Motor Show, and comprised of a mixture of different parts to create a full car. The chassis was shared with the 1939 Daimler Consort, and the engine was a 3.0L derived from the Lanchester Fourteen. Original coachwork design was conducted by Barker, with a contemporary saloon body resembling Lanchester models such as the Forteen, but in 1952 a new body was made available from Hooper, these being known as the Daimler Empress. In addition to the two Daimler Empress IIaforementioned versions, a selection of Regency Barker Sports Specials were made, a total number of three eventually being produced.

Sadly though, such a luxurious car for the established aristocracy was hit hard by the 1952
increased purchase tax, and thus only 51 cars and one prototype were built. It is believed that only three of these cars continue to exist, one prototype pickup, one Hooper Empress, and one Standard Saloon.

daimler-empress-6The Regency would return in 1954 with a facelifted version known as the Regency MkII DF304, which took on a more modern 1950’s design and featured a new 3.4L engine. The result was a bit more successful than the previous Regency, but was by no means a hit,
ending production with just under 100 cars built in 1956.