Class 44/45/46 ‘Peaks’

A troop of somewhat obscure but fondly remember locomotives that were the pride and joy of the Midland Mainline services out of London St Pancras, and even found their way onto many other parts of the rail network during their tenure.


With several thousand horsepower between them, preserved Peaks, Class 46, D182, and Class 45, 45041 ‘Royal Tank Regiment’, depart Wansford at the head of a Peterborough bound train.


Undergoing repairs inside the Swanwick depot is British Rail Class 44 Peak, D4 ‘Great Gable’.


Not often I get artsy with the photo editing software, but I felt a little wiping to give it the look of 1960’s/1970’s photo film would help put emphasis on a timeless scene.


Seen at Wansford at the head of a train to Peterborough is British Rail Class 45 Peak, 45041 ‘Royal Tank Regiment’.


Moving about Wansford is British Rail Class 46 Peak, D182 (46045).