Class 43 Cross Country Trains

The final region to introduce the HST’s, the Cross-Country service has seen their number of sets rise and fall with the onset of the newer Class 220/221 Voyagers, but retains a small fleet on these lengthy services.


I promise I didn’t do anything illegal here, in fact this was taken next to a foot-crossing just outside Cockwood, one of a handful of places along this stretch of line you can get up close and personal with the railway! (02/08/2015)



Scooting south with the 1V50 Edinburgh to Plymouth is Cross Country Class 43, 43357. (23/09/2015)


43384 departs Birmingham with the 0821 Leeds to Plymouth, seen passing under the various bridges and tunnels on its way towards Fiveways south of the city. (13/11/2015)


Speeding north through Dawlish with the 1S51 Plymouth to Glasgow Central is Cross Country Class 43, 43285. (24/09/2015)


Here working the 1V48 Leeds to Plymouth through Sutton Coldfield is Cross Country Class 43’s, 43378 and 43303, making a welcome change from the line’s regular suburban trains. (10/01/2016)


Speeding north onto the Sea Wall with an afternoon train from Plymouth to Edinburgh is Cross Country Class 43, 43384. (03/06/2015)


Whilst First Great Western’s 143618 departs with an Exmouth service, Cross Country Class 43, 43303, speeds south through Starcross with a train from Leeds to Plymouth. (11/07/2015)

Heading north with the 1E67 Paignton to Leeds service is Cross Country owned Class 43, 43378. (04/07/2015)


Slowing for a station stop at Teignmouth is Cross Country Class 43, 43285, operating the 1V52 Glasgow Central to Paignton. (06/06/2015)


Disappearing down the cutting towards Teignmouth station on the rear of an Edinburgh to Plymouth service is Cross Country Class 43, 43207. (03/06/2015)


Passing under the iconic Eastcliff Bridge as it accelerates away from a stop at Teignmouth is Cross Country Class 43, 43357, working the 1S51 Paignton to Glasgow Central. (08/08/2015)


Seen sweeping round the corner on a gloomy day in Teignmouth is this Cross Country Class 43 and its HST set working south towards Plymouth. (18/09/2015)


Rumbling south towards Teignmouth with the 1V50 Edinburgh to Plymouth is Cross Country Class 43, 43384. (30/09/2015)