Class 153

Class 153’s were formed in the early 1990’s as a way of creating more flexible trains for lower-traffic routes, primarily branch lines in Wales and the remote regions of England. 70 units were created by taking the driving trailers of 35 British Leyland Class 155’s and adding an additional cab at the non-driving end.


Arriving at Peterborough with the terminating 2K39 from Lincoln is East Midlands Trains Class 153, 153376.


Slowing for a stop at Teignmouth with the 2F29 Paignton to Exmouth is an unidentified First Great Western Class 150, and ex-London Midland Class 153, 153333, repainted recently into a promotional livery. Fellow ex-London Midland unit number 153325 has also been repainted, although it differs in that its colourscheme is red.


Approaching Westbury with the 2M98 Southampton is Great Malvern is First Great Western Class 153, 153318.


Working the 2A51 Matlock to Nottingham is East Midlands Trains Class 153, 153355.


Making a brief stop at Dawlish with a Class 150 in assistance is First Great Western Class 153, 153370, working the 2T24 from Exmouth to Paignton.


Working the late running 2M09 Swindon to Frome service is First Great Western Class 153, 153372.