Character Profile: Matthew O’Rourke

matt for a drinkName: Matthew O’Rourke

Date of Birth: February 9th, 1968

Hometown: Carnlough, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Height: 5ft 10in
Though his role is comparatively smaller than the other characters, I still didn’t want to miss out Matthew O’Rourke. With regard to the overall story he appears the least, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to give him at least the development he deserved.

Matt’s personality is created largely from a slew of sarcastic friends I’ve known over the past few years, someone who’s laid back and is willing to crack jokes whenever and Matt oohwherever possible. However, he knows when to take things seriously as well, especially with regard to his girlfriend Rhia. Indeed some may find the romantic attachment between Matt and Rhia somewhat sporadic and quite quick to resolve, but when telling the story in a flashback you can’t help but be a little choppy. I do feel though that the pacing and the overall idea of two schoolroom lovebirds doing what they like and seeing an attachment between one another is always something I’ve liked to examine. Indeed we see puppy love in school, crushes, romantic flings and people saying they’re an item when in fact all they do is acknowledge each other once in the morning and once again in the evening; but I felt something much more genuine should be made between the two, and I feel I pulled it off pretty well.

Matt’s physical design is fairly basic, straight brown hair and a fairly average build, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t put any love into his creation. Though a character may look a touch bland doesn’t mean I skipped on effort. In fact, it was more his personality and other traits about him I enjoyed adding rather than just his physical appearance. For example, I like the fact that he’s Northern Irish. It’s not often we get Northern Irish characters in stories, and when you do they’re usually in gritty IRA dramas! Also, Matt’s hometown on the coast is Carnlough, a small fishing town located 27 miles north of Belfast, and the school he attends is based on St. MacNissi’s College, though I can’t mention it by name due to those oh so unpleasant copyright rules, though I doubt a school is going to lose money because I mentioned them in a comic book!

matt sleepyMatt’s name, O’Rourke, is based off an old video game I once knew back in the 1990’s called Dreamweb. Released in 1992, the game follows a man as he’s ordered by a bunch of Inter-dimensional Monks to hunt down a group of conspirators planning to take control and destroy the eponymous Dreamweb, thereby allowing them to rule the world; and it’s often considered one of the worst games ever made due to the fact that most ‘puzzles’ are unbelievably simple, and the rest are solved usually by accident. The game does however throw up some interesting topics as to whether what’s happening before you is legitimate or if the protagonist has just gone totally nuts! Anyway, one of the conspirators is named Father O’ Rourke. The name O’Rourke kinda stuck as an example of an Irish surname and carried through to Matt’s character when I wrote the story.

Also, it was kinda fun having a poke at the Catholic Church, but nothing too offensive. I used to be a Catholic when I was younger and Confession, Act of Contrition, three Hail Mary’s is all stuff I remember from when I went to Catholic school. However, no one could ever take it seriously, we just went in, spouted a bunch of garbage (most of which we hadn’t done) and then let the Priest give us a verbal slap on the wrist, tell us not to do it again, and we’d be back on the road in no time to cause yet more sins!

“I said a naughty word and took a penny from my Dad’s pocket…”