Welcome to the Gallery!

See below for all the latest acrylic paintings I have created, as well as some digital art pieces.
One of my earliest paintings, we see a Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Zephyr clad in stainless steel as it ploughs across the Midwest.
A snowy scene at Butte, Montana, the Butte Special, operated by the Union Pacific, prepares to depart for Salt Lake City, while the Northern Pacific’s Empire Builder arrives with a train bound for Seattle.
In the mountainous regions of Slovakia, this scene depicts one of the nation’s many narrow-gauge tramways that traverse the hills and valleys.
Requested by a work colleague, this scene depicts the Golden Temple of Amritsar. This was a particularly tricky painting to accomplish due to the detail of the temple itself, but eventually things came nicely into position.
Based on an original photo by Gavin Morrison, this scene depicts a tanker train departing Immingham during December 1988, passing Barnetby as it heads into the sunset.
Again based on an original photo by Gavin Morrison, we see a BR Blue liveried Class 86 at the head of a southbound express on the West Coast Mainline near Stafford.
Attempting to capture a more stylised look at a steam train, this painting illustrates a steam-powered Canadian National express during the 1960s.
A view of the Hudson Valley, this scene depicting the New York Central’s 20th Century Limited heading into the sunset with the Chicago-bound overnight train.
Another stylised look at the profile of a train, here a Denver & Rio Grande Western diesel is depicted sat outside a one-track depot during gloomy conditions.
Another painting based off an image by Gavin Morrison, this time we see an InterCity HST passing through a frosty winter’s scene on the Midland Mainline near Leicester.
An example of some of the digital art I create, the following depict a series of American railroading images based primarily of original photos created by Roger Puta.