Airbus A380

The world’s largest commercial airliner, the Airbus A380 ‘Superjumbo’ truly is a marvel of modern technology, and is now sweeping across the international aviation scene as the flagship of many long-distance carriers.


Seen taxiing for departure back to Dubai, Emirates Airbus A380-861 A6-EOI once again makes people wonder how such a massive plane of such bizarre proportions could ever fly.

A6-EOI entered service with Emirates in May 2015, delivered under serial number 178.


Banking to the east with Flight 30 to Dubai is Emirates Airbus A380-861 A6-EED, delivered to the airline in July 2012 under serial number 111.


Sweeping in towards London Heathrow is Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-841 9V-SKP, working Flight 308 from Singapore Changi. This aircraft was delivered in January 2012 under serial number 076, and is one of 19 A380’s on the airline’s books.