Airbus A320 Family

Since their launch in the early 1990’s, the Airbus A320 and its descendent A318, A319 and A321 are among the most popular short-to-medium range aircraft on the market, with thousands of these planes in use by a myriad of airlines, ranging from the Flag Carriers to the Low-Budget.


Reading itself for a flight to Munich at Oslo is Lufthansa Airbus A320-211 D-AIPE.

This aircraft is one of Lufthansa’s older A320’s, built way back in December 1989 under serial number 078. The aircraft was the 27th Airbus A320 to be delivered, entering operation only a year and a half after the aircraft made its debut in April 1988.

Back then, the likes of the Boeing 737 and McDonnell Douglas MD-80 had the market completely sown up, but the A320 would break through with advanced flight technology and computer aided performance which would make it more efficient and reliable than its American rivals.

Today, thousands of these aircraft have been built with dozens more either under construction or on order for carriers across the globe.


While on the bus to our next flight, we found ourselves in a race with Lufthansa Airbus A320-214(WL) D-AIUN, which was taxiing its way to the active with a flight to Gothenburg.

D-AIUN was delivered in April 2015 under serial number 6549.


Shortly after their respective arrivals, Lufthansa Airbus A320-214(WL) D-AIUE (which had just arrived from Moscow Domodedovo) and Lufthansa Airbus A321-231 D-AISV (which had arrived about 10 minutes earlier from Dublin).

D-AIUE was delivered to the German carrier in April 2014 under serial number 6092, while D-AISV was delivered in September 2009 under serial number 4047.


Seen preparing for what should’ve been the evening flight to Birmingham is Lufthansa Airbus A321-131 D-AIRL. I was meant to be aboard this particular aircraft, but due to a leak in the forward galley which couldn’t be repaired in time, another A321 was whistled up instead, our flight departing about an hour late.

I will give it to Lufthansa that they did keep us informed and were nice enough to conjure up another A321. If this were British Airways they’d cancel the entire flight, shrug their shoulders and say “Tough Luck Chuck!”

Anyway, D-AIRL is one of the earliest and oldest A321’s in service, built way back in September 1994 under serial number 505. This aircraft was the 11th A321 to be delivered, back when it was a fledgling stretched version of the up and coming A320 family. Eventually, the aircraft would evolve to be a viable competitor to the Boeing 757, even going on to replace it and drive it into extinction in 2004.


Taxiing for departure to Baghdad, Iraqi Airways Airbus A320-214 YI-ARD.

This aircraft was originally delivered in February 2013 to Austrian carrier Niki under registration OE-LEQ before sent onward to Iraqi Airways a month later.


A controversial change, the new Lufthansa dark-blue with white symbol is displayed on the back of this Airbus A321 at Frankfurt.


An overview of the Terminal 3 apron area at Copenhagen Airport.


One of the newest members of both the easyJet and Airbus A320 family, easyJet Airbus A320-214(WL) G-EZOD was delivered in February 2015 under serial number 6502, and is seen arriving at Tenerife South-Reina Sofia Airport with Flight 1901 from Manchester.


Operating Flight 169 to Dublin is Aer Lingus Airbus A320-214 EI-EDP, delivered to the airline in January 2009 under serial number 3781.


Arriving at Tenerife South-Reina Sofia Airport with Flight 4717 from Berlin Schonefeld is easyJet Airbus A320-214 G-EZUR, delivered in April 2012 under serial number 5064.


Being prepared for another journey into the sky is this Thomas Cook Airbus A321 at Copenhagen.


Sweeping into Tenerife South-Reina Sofia Airport with Flight 214 from Zurich is Swiss Airbus A320-214 HB-JLQ, delivered in April 2011 under serial number 4673, and goes by the name of Bülach.


Taxiing to the gate at Copenhagen Kastrup Airport after arrival from London-Heathrow is SAS Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A321-232 LN-RKK.

LN-RKK was delivered to SAS in November 2002 under serial number 1848 and originally registered SE-REG before being re-registered in 2006 to its current designation. It also carries the name Svipdag Viking.


Arriving from Barcelona with Flight 3220 at Tenerife South-Reina Sofia Airport is Vueling Airbus A320-232 EC-LRM, delivered originally to Spanair in December 2000 under serial number 1349. Following the cessation of operations by Spanair in January 2012, the aircraft was returned to the leasing company, but was quickly picked up by Vueling the same year, entering operations in May 2012.