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Hello everybody! 😀

After much rumination, I have decided to move my various comic series from being hosted here on my website to This has been done for two reasons; one being that these comics do take up a lot of the space WordPress provides me and I fear I’ll run out before too long, and two; Tapas does provide a much easier reading experience, with each comic page being essentially displayed in a vertical list and to a zoom margin which is easier to read.

Therefore, over the next few weeks, each comic will be moved from this site to its new location at, and can be found under my account there. Maddie in America, however, will be remaining on this site due to its length, which wasn’t easy to break up among the Tapas 40-page per episode limit.

Also, I have decided I will remove my commentaries regarding the creation of the comics, again due to space constraints. I will, however, be available for questions about the making of both my published and upcoming series via my various methods of contact.

Stay tuned for Outsiders – Part 2, coming February 2018!

Thanks again everyone! 😀

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